Former Bank Manager Sentenced For Avoiding Currency Reports

Robinson exchanged over $1 million for a customer without filing the necessary transactions with the Department of Treasury

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    A former Palm Beach County Chase Bank manager was sentenced to almost five years in prison Friday for failing to file currency transaction reports for over $1 million, the Department of Justice announced.

    Carey Robinson, who pled guilty to structuring financial transactions and causing West Palm Beach’s J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to fail to file the required reports, was sentenced to 57 months in prison and two years supervised release, according to the department.

    The former manager, who was employed at the bank from 2008 through May 2011, exchanged over $1 million for a customer without filing the necessary transactions with the Department of Treasury.

    3-Bank Robber Arrested: FBI

    [MI] 3-Bank Robber Arrested: FBI
    The FBI announced Thursday night that a suspect wanted for three bank heists earlier in the day in Miami-Dade County has been arrested. Reginald Watkins, 53, of Miami was arrested without incident at about 7:45 p.m. by Miami-Dade Police and members of the South Florida Violent Crime/Fugitive Task Force, FBI Special Agent in Charge John Gillies said.

    Beginning in 2009, the customer of the bank brought a brown bag with $20 bills to Robinson, who then counted the money in his office, authorities said. The bills were exchanged for $100 bills by a vault custodian.

    The customer would wait in the bank for the money or meet the manager in a parking lot near his home after the exchange.

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    To keep bank employees from becoming suspicious, Robinson also began to meet the customer beforehand.

    As a result of Robinson’s actions, the currency transactions, which are required for exchanges over $10,000, were never filed, the Department of Justice said.

    Robinson faced a maximum 10-year sentence.