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Former Marlin Adam Greenberg Will Enter Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

Adam Greenberg who had one at-bat with Miami will be inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame



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    Adam Greenberg had one official at-bat in his career

    Adam Greenberg who was a member of the Miami Marlins for one game will be inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame 

    Greenberg was a terrific story during the 2012 season as a campaign gained steam to get him an at-bat in the Major Leagues. A one-time prospect with the Chicago Cubs, Greenberg never had an official at-bat prior to his day with Miami.

    On July 9th, 2005, Greenberg entered a game for the Cubs as a pinch-hitter. The pitcher on the mound was Valerio de los Santos of the Florida Marlins. The first piitch thrown was a 92 mph fastball and it hit Greenberg in the back of his head. 

    Greenberg would end up out of baseball after being unable to make it back to the big league level following the injury. Greenberg battled vertigo which caused him issues both on and off the field.

    A hit-by-pitch does not go in the books as an official at-bat. Any Major League team could have stepped up to the proverbial plate in 2012 and gave Greenberg his at-bat. It was the Marlins that elected to do so which seemed fitting considering how his debut ended in 2005.

    The one at-bat for Greenberg came on October 2nd, 2012 against the New York Mets and pitcher R.A. Dickey. It was a tough assignment for Greenberg considering Dickey went on to win the National League Cy Young that season. Greenberg ended up striking out in the at-bat. The result was insignificant however as it was the moment itself that mattered.

    This past February, Greenberg officially announced his retirement from baseball after attempts to continue his career. It was a short-lived career but it is one that will be remembered.

    Greenberg's induction will take place on September 14th, and more information can be found on