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Former Treasurer of School PTSA Arrested for Stealing $32K

Police say suspect falsified documents to cover theft



    Police say suspect falsified documents to cover theft. (Published Monday, Jan. 23, 2012)

    The former treasurer of the Silver Lakes Elementary School Parent Teacher Association was busted for stealing more than $32,000 made during school events and other fundraising activities during a 15-month period between 2010 and 2011, authorities said. 

    According to documents released by the Miramar Police Department, Janet Hanson Gamory falsified documents to conceal her theft of monies meant to go into an account for the school’s PTSA when she was the volunteer treasurer of the organization.

    "It's shocking, it's beyond me.  I couldn't even fathom how to go about doing something like that. It's not only stealing from the kids, it's stealing from her own children,” said Rita Stephan, a parent who was former president of the PTSA at the school.

    In September of last year, the members of the PTSA Board held a meeting and confronted Gamory with theft allegations, requesting financial documents.

    According to the police records, when confronted Gamory admitted to the crimes and signed a document promising to repay the stolen money.

    "That's a crying shame, it's appalling, especially as a parent, you're supposed to be here to help the students and help the faculty,” said another parent, Steven Williams.

    Gamory provided false statements using a software program to show that the PTSA’s bank account balance was higher than it actually was. She kept the actual bank statements to herself, not even opening most of them, in an effort to conceal the crime, according to the complaint affidavit.

    Authorities say they met with a former treasurer who reviewed financial records and found that Gamory stole $32,859.35 from the PTSA over the 15-month period she was treasurer.

    In December police showed up at Gamory’s Miramar residence to ask her questions but she refused to give a statement, referring questions to her attorney.