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Former Youth Pastor Testifies in Sex Abuse Trial

Jeffery London testified in the sex abuse trial against him Tuesday.

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    A local youth pastor testified in court on Tuesday after allegations surfaced he was sexually abusing young children who he was mentoring. NBC 6's Gilma Avalos reports. (Published Tuesday, April 8, 2014)

    A South Florida youth pastor testified Tuesday in the sex abuse trial against him.

    Jeffery London, charged with several counts of lewd and lascivious molestation and sexual battery on minors, said on the stand that helping people was a part of his Christian upbringing.

    "It was like I was a beacon," London said. "If a child was in trouble, send him to Mr. London. I didn't go out looking for anyone's children, they came to me."

    London worked with youth at the Bible Church of God and was Dean of Students at Eagle Charter Elementary in Broward.

    Since London was arrested in 2012, at least 10 men have accused him of molestation while the men were pre-teens through their teenage years, the Sun Sentinel reported. London faces life in prison if convicted, according to the newspaper.

    The former youth pastor become emotional as he talked about an elderly woman he helped care for, who passed away while he's been behind bars.

    Last week Jurors heard emotional testimony from a number of his alleged victims. They spoke about how the man offered them rewards, like money, games and clothing, in exchange for sexual favors.

    The defense will try to prove that London did not sexually abuse the young men, arguing they're making it up to to collect money in a civil law suit.

    London's ex-wife, who took the stand last week, said she once came home to find their bedroom door locked. When she opened the door, she said she found her husband and a 16-year-old boy under the covers in their bed.

    But London denied Tuesday that ever happened.

    When questioned by prosecutors, London denied all allegations of sexual abuse.