Fort Lauderdale Cops Crack Down on Spring Breakers

Breaking the following rules during spring break could result in arrest or legal action.

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    Fort Lauderdale cops are cracking down on spring breakers.

    The police department is reminding visitors and residents celebrating spring break at Fort Lauderdale Beach to keep in mind that breaking the following rules could result in arrest or legal action:

    • Possessing/serving alcohol to a person under 21
    • Refusing to leave an establishment after being warned
    • Possessing a fake ID
    • Possessing an open container of alcohol in a public place
    • Consuming alcohol in an establishment for off-premise consumption only
    • Causing a public disturbance while intoxicated
    • Engaging in fighting or violent, threatening behavior
    • Public indecency or nudity
    • Sleeping on the beach
    • Bringing alcoholic beverages onto the beach

    Police are also warning residents to plan ahead for traffic delays.