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Free Apps Focus on Black Friday Shoppers

Two applications let customers peek at leaked ads



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    "I want to print that right now,” Gaby Campanioni said of a coupon she found for H&M.

    Every year Black Friday seems to creep closer and closer into Thanksgiving.

    This year, retailers like Target and Wal-Mart will be opening their doors to the after dinner crowd on Thursday.

    With just days to go, retailers are doing their best to get bargain hunters into their stores. But before you give into the madness, you can get a turkey leg up on them.

    "I've actually waited all night for Black Friday, and then you get there and the deals aren't what you expected,” Jose Guerrero said.

    Two free apps aim to help you find the best sales before you even step foot in the door. The Black Friday app, available for the Android and the iPhone, lets you browse through different stores, and even check out ads that have been leaked.

    "That the home theater system’s going for that much is awesome,” Guerrero said while using it.

    Through the app, you can also look for coupons. Shopper Gaby Campanioni said that was a big deal for her.

    She found an ad for 40 percent off at H&M.

    "I want to print that right now,” she said with a laugh.

    TGI Black Friday is a similar option. Along with letting you peek at leaked ads, it allows you to sign up for push notifications when new ones are posted.

    Both apps let you add items to a virtual shopping list.

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