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Girl Hides In Closet, Busts Burglars

Men tried to rob Hialeah home but were bested by a 12-year-old



    Two burglars thought they had an easy score in Hialeah when they broke into a home Monday, but they didn't count on a little girl's quick thinking.

    Cynthia Valdez, 12, was in the house when the men pried open the door, but she ducked into a bedroom closet before they could see her, Hialeah Police said.

    The pre-teen took her cell phone with her and called 911, whispering to cops that she had two uninvited guests in her house.

    Valdez's mother had gone to work and her father had left about 20 minutes prior to go get food.

    "I was thinking they were going to get me and take me away and I was never going to see my parents or my family again," Valdez said.

    Meanwhile, the burglars took their time going through rooms thinking they were home alone.

    As they cased the house, police officers were surrounding the house and creating a perimeter so the crooks couldn't escape, thanks to their informant on the inside.

    Within minutes, cops were telling the suspects to come out with their hands up. The shocked burglars surrendered without incident, still puzzled as to how they were caught.

    It wasn't until after they were in handcuffs that the criminal masterminds found out they were outsmarted by a little girl.

    Valdez even had some advice for peers who find themselves in the same situation.

    "Call the police," she said. "Oh, and hide."