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Gov. Scott Approves School Voucher Expansion

Scott signed the bill (SB 850) on Friday.



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    Middle-income families in Florida will get a chance to receive a private-school voucher under a significant expansion of the state's existing program signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott.

    Scott signed the bill (SB 850) on Friday.

    The $300 million program already serves nearly 60,000 families, but the new law would broaden who is eligible to receive vouchers.

    The current program is limited to low-income families. But the new law would let middle-income families in Florida apply to receive vouchers starting in 2016.

    It would also make it easier for low-income families to transfer into the program.

    But Scott's action could trigger a lawsuit from the state's teacher union. Joanne McCall, vice president of Florida Education Association, said the voucher expansion would come at the expense of public schools.

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