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Homestead Residents Learned From Hurricane Andrew, Prepared for Isaac

Twenty years ago, Homestead was devastated by violent Hurricane Andrew.

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    Homestead received more than 7 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Isaac. But overall there was only small pockets of flooding, in places where it was expected because of poor drainage. Homestead Mayor Steven Bateman said the city fared well during Isaac.

    In a residential neighborhood on 301st street and 154th Avenue Homestead, the flooding from Tropical Storm Isaac was more than ankle deep.

    "We were expecting more winds than rain. But we got rain," said longtime resident Javier Valdes.

    In fact Homestead got more than 7 inches of rain. Overall, there were small pockets of flooding which occured in places where it was expected. Residents affected by the flooding on 301st Street say poor drainage is to blame. They not only expected it, they tried to prepare for it.

    "People park 10 houses away from their houses," said Valdez.

    Pine Tree Crashes on Unoccupied Home's Staircase

    [MI] Pine Tree Crashes on Unoccupied Home's Staircase on Big Pine Key
    After a Norfolk Island pine tree crashed down on a staircase on Big Pine Key Sunday, neighbors came together to cut up the tree and free a car trapped in the carport. Joe Francis and Jason Cadwell recount what happened. Further north, Andrew Hunt and his friends had a blast hydrasliding in Marathon.

    They park away from the flood prone area to avoid damage to their vehicles.

    Residents heeded advice and on Saturday, more than 1,400 people loaded up their cars with free sandbags, hoping to protect vulnerable homes from flooding

    Twenty years ago, Homestead was devastated by violent Hurricane Andrew. The Category 5 hurricane will be forever ingrained in this city's history. From that hurricane, the mayor says Homestead learned vital survival lessons.

    "My hats are off to the citizens of Homestead. They did exactly what they should do, that was prepare for a hurricane. Regardless of what level it was prepare for it."

    Barely Any Evidence of Isaac in the Keys

    The parking lots of the Villages of Naranja also saw minor flooding. For the most part, Mayor Steven Bateman says the city was spared. He says early planning saved the city from flooding.

    "South Florida Water Management implemented a drawdown on Thursday. That's why you don't see the flooding out there now. I think city employees did a great job in preparing," said Bateman.

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