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Identity Thief Charged More Than $1,000 in Quick Shopping Spree: BSO

The victim said the crime has left her feeling vulnerable

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    The Broward Sheriff's Office released surveillance video Tuesday of an identity thief's shopping spree in which he charged $1,024.

    The suspect used the identity of a Miami Gardens resident to get a new credit card, the BSO said. The credit card was mailed to a Pembroke Park address.

    On March 15, the suspect went into a Hollywood Target, an Aventura Target and a Hollywood Wells Fargo. Using that credit card, he charged $1,024.98 within 45 minutes, the BSO said.

    The suspect was seen on surveillance video at both Target locations.

    The victim, who asked NBC 6 to only identify her as Linda, said the crime has left her feeling vulnerable.

    "I'm nervous, I'm like oh my God, how much information do they have of mine? The things that they could possibly do with it, because it’s obvious they have my Social Security number," she said.

    The suspect tried to charge a total of $4,000 in additional purchases that were declined, Linda said.

    She's since done her due diligence, got everything sorted out with her credit card company and filed police reports in the cities where the crimes happened.

    "Sooner or later you will get caught, sooner or later,” Linda said. “And I hope they prosecute him to the fullest."

    The BSO is asking anyone with information to contact Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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