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Jennifer Capriati Faces Charges of Battery, Stalking in Palm Beach County: Authorities

She allegedly punched her ex-boyfriend at a gym Feb. 14, The Palm Beach Post reported



    In this file photo from Nov. 3, 2004, Jennifer Capriati stretches for the ball during her second-round match with Meghann Shaughnessy at the Advanta Championships in VIllanova, Pa.

    Former tennis star Jennifer Capriati faces charges of battery and stalking for two incidents in Palm Beach County, authorities said.

    Capriati, 36, intentionally touched or struck Ivan Brannan Jr. on Feb. 14, 2013, Assistant State Attorney David Aronberg wrote in a court document filed Tuesday.

    On Feb. 14 she allegedly punched Brannan, who is her ex-boyfriend, at a North Palm Beach gym, The Palm Beach Post reported.

    Brannan was working out when Capriati approached him and yelled at him, North Palm Beach Police said. Brannan told police that he tried to get away by walking to the men's locker room, but Capriati blocked his path and punched him in the chest.

    She also willfully, maliciously and repeatedly stalked Brannan from Feb. 16-Feb. 18, 2012, according to Aronberg.

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    The couple broke up in February 2012, according to the Post.

    Both charges are misdemeanors. Court records show that Capriati has been issued a summons to appear before a judge April 17, but she has not been arrested. No attorney for her was listed.

    Capriati declined comment to the Post Thursday, and Brannan hung up on a reporter from the paper after she identified herself, the Post said. A Capriati spokeswoman has previously said that the allegations against her were an “overexaggeration” and denied them.

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