Man Rescues Homeless Dog Hit by Car in Little Haiti, Gets "New Friend"

Winston's leg was shattered, but Gabriel Villar Del Saz has spent thousands to get him better – and adopted him

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    Gabriel Villar Del Saz took the limping, whimpering dog he found to an emergency veterinarian and has spent more than $5,000 to patch up the homeless mutt who now has a home. He adopted the dog and named him Winston. Fourth-grader Dominic Geragi and humane educator Susan Hargreaves spoke about Villar Del Saz and his new companion. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013)

    Winston is one lucky street mutt. Six weeks ago, he was hit by a car. The dog's leg was shattered, but with no one to help him, Winston's chances of survival were grim.

    "I felt like if I didn't help him, he was gonna die," Gabriel Villar Del Saz said. "Morally, I couldn't walk away from him."

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    Villar Del Saz found the limping, whimpering dog on the street in Little Haiti, outside Churchill's Pub. With no hesitation, he took the dog to an emergency veterinarian, plunked down his credit card, and has now spent more than $5,000 to patch up a homeless dog that now has a home: Del Saz adopted him, and named him Winston after, of course, Winston Churchill.

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    On Monday, a group called Animal Hero Kids gave him an award and a $100 donation to help pay Winston's bills. Friends also set up a Facebook page to raise money, called "Help for Homeless Dog Hit by a Car."

    "Not very creative, but we've raised about $3,500 so far," Del Saz said.

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    So what does Del Saz get for his money and effort?

    "I have a new friend, a companion," the first-time dog owner said.

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