Men Ran Gambling House out of Coral Springs Convenience Store: Authorities

Customers bought tickets for a lottery game inside the Island Super Market, arrest warrant says

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    Broward Sheriff's Office
    David Lora, 25

    Two men face charges for running a gambling house from a Coral Springs convenience store, authorities said.

    Clerk David Lora, 25, and store owner Leon Jeon, 72, were involved in an illegal gambling operation inside the Island Super Market at 8079 W. Sample Road in which customers bought tickets for a lottery game called “Borlette,” according to the arrest warrant for Lora.

    In the game, similar to a traditional lottery, a participant will choose three our four numbers between 0 and 9, placing at least $8 for each wager. The goal is to match all three or four numbers correctly and win a cash prize, the warrant said.

    The winning numbers were based on the New York Lottery’s “Daily Number,” a three-number game, and the “Pick Four,” the warrant added.

    On six occasions in 2012 a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy working undercover placed or attempted to place Borlette wagers at the establishment, the warrant says.

    Lora, who was arrested Sunday, faces charges of keeping a gambling house and promoting a lottery for money, according to online BSO records. He is being held on $10,000 bond at the Broward County Main Jail and must surrender his passport before he is released, the records say.

    Jeon faces charges of keeping a gambling house and aiding and assisting a lottery, online Broward court records say. He is due to be arraigned Dec. 14.

    It was not immediately known whether either man had an attorney.

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