Miami-Dade Among Areas In Florida Making Initial Move To Ban Fake Marijuana

Side effects of fake marijuana include delusions, high blood pressure, hallucinations, vomiting and death

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    Sweetwater banned the sale of synthetic marijuana.

    Miami-Dade County is among the areas in Florida that have made an initial move towards passing an ordinance banning fake marijuana, the CIty of Sweetwater said Wednesday.

    Officials at Miami-Dade, Collier County, Deerfield Beach and Sunrise have asked the city of Sweetwater to give them a copy of an ordinance passed by the city on May 7, which bans loose leaf and granular incense from being sold there.

    Fake Marijuana Legal and Dangerous

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    Florida has already banned chemicals found in fake marijuana as controlled substance analogs, so the Sweetwater city attorney drafted a ban on loose leaf or granular incense.

    “The second reason I decided to go this route is because if the packets are labeled not for human consumption the manufacturers are able to skirt this ban. Instead, I decided to ban the delivery vehicle currently used by fake marijuana manufacturers which addresses the problem at its root," City Attorney Ralph Ventura said in an email statement.

    Side effects include delusions, high blood pressure, hallucinations, vomiting and death, the city said.