South Florida Cities Face Cuts From Federal Grant

Hialeah faces the most cuts from the Community Development Block Grant Fund than any other U.S. city

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    Miami City Commissioners hold a conference to protest government cuts. (Published Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012)

    Hialeah faces the most cuts from a federal grant for social services than any other city in the country, The Miami Herald reported.

    Cuts come from the Community Development Block Grant Fund and it fuels after school programs for children, social services and other programs.

    Other cities in Miami-Dade will feel the cuts too. According to the Herald, those cities are: Miami Beach, Miami-Dade, City of Miami, North Miami gets $744,000. Broward and some cities there also lost funding.

    On Thursday, politicians and residents gathered outside Miami City Hall to ask President Barack Obama to lower the cuts.

    "This message is for the president: The formula doesn't work for the city of Miami," Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones by quoted by the paper as saying.

    Hialeah will get $1.8 million less than it did the previous year.

    "It affects the most vulnerable of our society," North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

    The funds were in part cut because they are given out according to how much available housing is in the area. Census figures show there were enough new homes to curb any overcrowding, the Herald reported.

     “But the new homes were not for poor people,’’ Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

    Jerry Brown, a HUD spokesman, said the agency did what it could.


    “We think we did as well as we could,’’ Brown said. “Unfortunately, that’s what happens during tight budget times.”

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