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Miami Woman Wants to Clear Her Name After Police Release Photo of Her

Tasha Malek said she wants to clear up her name

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    Tasha Malek wants to clear her name after police released a photo of her during the search for another woman, Yenesis Alfonzo, who had been wanted for questioning in last week's triple homicide shootout in Las Vegas. (Published Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013)

    Tasha Malek was just going about her business, selling medical implements to hospitals, when her sister called.

     "You're on the news channels in Vegas saying you're wanted and that you have a long criminal background, you're a prostitute and I'm like, what?" said Malek.

    It started with last week's triple homicide shootout in Las Vegas. On Thursday, police arrested the suspect, Ammar Harris.

    But when they were still looking for the former miami resident, Las Vegas police released a photo of Harris and Malek, apparently confusing her with Yenesis Alfonzo.

    Police say Alfonzo was in the car with Harris during the shootout, but they put out two pictures of Malek, saying the woman in the photo was wanted for questioning.

    "It took about a day and a half for them to believe that it was not me, the pictures don't look anything like me. They finally removed it late last night, but they didn't release a statement saying this girl isn't the one we're looking for, we made a mistake. They just took the pictures down, and the damage has already been done," Malek said.

     "This is devastating for her, it's devastating for her professionally, personally, and emotionally, this has been a rough couple of days for her," said attorney Mike Grieco.

    Malek says it's tough to explain to her customers and to her fans that she was not involved. She admits to knowing Harris when he live in her building. Malek was on a reality TV show called the "Bad Girls Club."

    "I'm just trying to clear up my name and my face because you know that's the most important thing, first my safety and to let everyone know it wasn't me," she said.