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Motorcycles Galore at South Beach Bike Week

"What is better than doing it on South Beach," event creator Diego Caiola said



    (Published Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013)

    From to Harley-Davidsons to Indians to even more Harleys, it’s all about the motorcycles on South Beach this weekend.

    The first-ever South Beach Bike Week is underway, the brainchild of Beach resident Diego Caiola.

    "What is better than doing it on South Beach," said Caiola. "We have the beach right there, bars all next to each other, the great weather and stuff like that, it's just the best place to do it at.”

    The hundreds of bikes revving up and down Ocean Drive aren't your father's motorcycles. And the bikers are far from the notorious, violent reputation they once had.

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    "I think that it’s becoming more a household thing," said event sponsor Brian Case. "And then a lot of scooters are coming out, gas prices are going up, people are excited to have a mode of transportation that doesn’t cost them as much.”

    The city of Miami Beach is not sanctioning the event.

    In fact, organizers never applied for any permits.

    Regardless, city officials have enhanced public safety staffing for the weekend.

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