NBC 6 Meterologist John Morales Attends Weather and Climate Summit

The summit runs from Monday to Friday. Watch the speakers live by clicking on this link

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    John Morales

    The Weather and Climate Summit was established in 1985 to bring together TV weathercasters and meteorologists from top U.S. and Canadian markets with leading scientists and researchers.

    CLICK HERE to watch live video of the speakers and presenters.

    This summit allows for dynamic and frequent interchange between the media and scientists in order to foster improved communication and collaboration between these diverse professions.

    The Weather and Climate Summit enables TV meteorologists to learn more about upcoming technologies and research findings that will lead to improved public awareness. It also helps the attendees and scientists understand how each one operates, produces information, conducts research and communicates.

    The ultimate outcome of this summit is the establishment of improved media-scientist relationships that fosters continued dialogue for improved scientific communication to the public.