NBC 6 Valet Ticket Etiquette Question of the Day

Here are the results from Friday's Question of the Day

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    A South Florida woman provided this photo of her valet parking slip to NBC 6. She said she was insulted by one of the notations.

    A South Florida woman says a valet parking slip left by a worker in her vehicle earlier this month had the word "fat" as a description. She said it was insulting.

    South Florida Woman "Mortified" by Description Written on Valet Ticket

    Our Question of the Day on Friday was: How would you feel if you faced a similar situation? The results are: 

    Yes, with 58 percent, or 63 votes
    No, with 26 percent, or 28 votes
    And with 16 percent, or 18 votes, were for "not sure, depends how they describe me." 

    Thank you for participating.

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