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"One Bullet Kills the Party," Miami Authorities Emphasize Before 4th

Officials urged people not to celebrate with gunfire on Wednesday



    (Published Monday, July 2, 2012)

    One bullet kills the party – and this 4th of July, that’s the message the city of Miami wants to get across.

    “Instead of using celebratory gunfire this year, to go out, celebrate with BBQ’s, have dances, celebrate with the family, just have fun – but to have fun you don’t have to shoot bullets in the air,” Miami-Dade County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson said.

    Ever year, there are stories of people around the country dying from things that are avoidable, from the careless use of fireworks to bullets being shot in the air.

    The “One Bullet Kills the Party” campaign is designed to put an end to such Independence Day tragedies.

    “The Miami Police Department will be out there in droves on the 4th of July to ensure the safety of people,” Police Chief Manuel Orosa said. “We don’t want anybody getting hurt, especially doing something (as) stupid as shooting a gun into the air. Rounds come down, and they’ll come down miles away and hit people and injure people.”

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    For water activities, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Captain Luiz Morizot requests that families have a ratio of one adult for every six children in the water.

    “Fourth of July, we have a lot more people on the beach. Sometimes families, they do come with 15, 10 children at the same time,” he said. “We want to ask the parents to bring more adults if you have a large family with you.”

    Two lifeguards will be on duty at every guard tower on the holiday, Morizot said.

    But even with extra lifeguards on duty, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue wants residents to become water warriors by respecting warning flags, not drinking on the beach, and always wear a life vest while boating.

    “Be water smart, don’t get trapped, and have a pleasant day on the beach,” Morizot said.

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