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Palmetto Bay Burglars Caught in Act by Dog-Sitters, Relative Says

Police searched the neighborhood with a helicopter and K-9's on Sunday



    (Published Monday, Oct. 8, 2012)

    Miami-Dade Police searched a Palmetto Bay neighborhood with a helicopter and K-9’s Sunday after dog-sitters said they caught two men burglarizing a home.

    Kathy Hudson said her niece and nephew walked into the house on SW 72nd Court to dog-sit – but quickly realized someone besides the pets was in the house.

    “(They) looked over and saw through the house that the glass door had been broken, it's a glass sliding door, so it's huge. So she told her boyfriend, 'get out of the house,’” Hudson said.

    They watched one of the burglars jump over the fence onto a white car police say belongs to the thieves. They yelled that they’d write down the tag number, but one of the burglars yanked it off as 22-year-old nephew gave chase, Hudson said.

    "He saw there was no gun and he went chasing down through all the yards until he came across a dog and came back,” she said.

    Police searched a wide area with their dogs and a chopper, which flew repeatedly over nearby Deering Estates.

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    They eventually called off the search, but said they believe they know who the burglars are based on a key piece of evidence that was left behind.

    Neighbors reported that another burglary took place Sunday just down the block.

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