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Man Caged After Stealing Parrot

Freckles the parrot is now safe



    Miami Beach Police
    Jesus Anthony Jimenez and Freckles

    Freckles has been found.

    Miami Beach detectives have busted a bird thief who stole an African Gray parrot from an apartment and then tried to sell it to a local pet store, officials said Thursday.

    Kat Marin/SeaWorld San Diego

    Jesus Anthony Jimenez, 27, was arrested and charged with dealing in stolen property after he was seen by a Miami Beach cop flying the coop with the pilfered parrot.

    On April 19, Jimenez ran out of an apartment complex with the bird in a cage and jumped into a waiting car. The car sped off and ran a stop sign right in front of a patrolling cop, officials said.

    The cop wrote a ticket and sent Jimenez on his way, but a short time a later, flyers for the missing bird, named Freckles, popped up in the precinct.

    Jimenez was quickly tracked down and sang like a canary when questioned about the bird. He told police that he sold the bird to a pet store in Miami named La Jungla for $275 and that he knew it was stolen.

    Freckles was retrieved from the store and returned to his owner.