People in Miami Lifted Car To Free Trapped Woman, Who Later Died: Authorities | NBC 6 South Florida

People in Miami Lifted Car To Free Trapped Woman, Who Later Died: Authorities



    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013)

    A woman died Wednesday after she was struck by a car, trapped beneath it and freed by a group of people who lifted the vehicle off her in Miami, authorities and witnesses said.

    The victim, identified by family members as Betty Madison, 57, died after she was taken to Ryder Trauma Center, Miami Police said.

    The pedestrian’s belongings were strewn across the roadway after the collision with the Toyota Camry in the area of Northeast 2nd Avenue and 79th Street.

    “When he stopped his car, he saw that there was a shoe on the ground and that the woman was under the car behind the driver's side tires,” Miami Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Ignatius Carroll said.

    Marcus Ameneiro was there when the chaos started

    "We started screaming for some people to lift up the car,” he said.

    Ameneiro said he jumped into action, soliciting aid from almost 12 Good Samaritans.

    The people lifted the car so they could pull Madison out, according to Miami Fire Rescue.

    But their good deeds were ultimately in vain.

    Valicia Madison said her sister-in-law’s death was heartbreaking and a tragedy.

    “They stopped to help. That means a lot to me and I'm sure it will mean a lot to the family,” she said.

    Betty Madison’s niece, who only gave her first name of Chontae, fought to hold back the tears when she learned that her aunt had died after being struck by a car.

    "I just can’t imagine how her siblings are feeling right now, because to lose a mother, you don't get another one,” she said.