Rash of Break-Ins in Sunny Isles Beach, Police Say

There have been three such incidents since Jan. 29

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    There have been three break-ins in the normally quiet community since Jan. 29, police said. Victim Isaac Sifvie spoke about what happened at his house, while Sgt. Brian Schnell promised police would find the thief.

    Sunny Isles Beach police are investigating what they’re calling a rash of break-ins and burglaries.

    There have been three such incidents since Jan. 29 – the most recent this past Sunday – in a community that sees few of them, police said.

    "We're scared to death. My wife is in a panic," said one victim, Isaac Sifvie.

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    Police said they're crimes of opportunity, as the thief is only targeting houses that are unlocked.

    A case in point is when a suspect tried to break in to a home on North Bay Road in the Golden Shores neighborhood. What the suspect didn't know is that he was caught on surveillance video.

    The house was locked up tight, with an alarm system, a large dog, and cameras, police said. He gave up, hopped a fence and walked through an open sliding glass door of the neighboring home.

    That's where Sifvie and his wife were asleep in bed – and the thief walked into their bedroom and swiped $750, his wallet and credit cards, a watch, and a laptop from the nightstand just feet from them, Sifvie said.

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    His house was hit on Jan. 29, while the second break-in happened in the same neighborhood on Feb. 5 and the most recent occurred in Atlantic Isles on Sunday, according to police. The M.O. was the same for all three burglaries, police said.

    Police are seeking the public's help in identifying the suspect seen in the video. He was dressed in dark clothing and wore a backpack.

    "We’re going to catch him and we’re going to find out who he is, and we’re going to bring him to justice,” police Sgt. Brian Schnell said.

    They also reminded residents of a simple remedy for keeping their homes and personal items safe: lock your doors.

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