Report: Drone & Passenger Plane Nearly Collided Over Tallahassee In March

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    The skies over Tallahassee almost become the first to see a drone aircraft and a passenger plane collide in the month of March.

    According to, the FAA confirmed Friday the pilot of a regional US Airways flight saw a “camouflage-painted drone fly so close to the aircraft that ‘he was sure he had collided with it.’” The incident was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

    The drone didn’t collide with the aircraft, but according to USAToday, the head of the FAA’s unmanned aircraft office said the possibility of a drone being sucked into an engine is real and that the “results could be catastrophic.”

    The FAA hasn’t released rules for drone operation, but is mandated to do so by September 2015. The news industry could be impacted by the rules as drones are slowly being incorporated into some television news coverage across the country.