Resident Grateful for Oversleeping After Truck Crashes Into Opa-locka Apartment

A truck smashed into an Opa-locka apartment Saturday morning.

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    Flinton Eady says he is glad he overslept this morning after a truck crashed into his bathroom, where he would have been getting ready for work. (Published Saturday, March 15, 2014)

    Flinton Eady is thankful he overslept before going to work.

    At about 4 a.m., the Opa-locka resident was eventually woken up by a loud boom that rattled his whole home early Saturday morning.

    A truck had smashed into his apartment at 1331 Sharazad Boulevard.

    "I woke up and there was a truck in my bathroom," Eady said.

    Eady, who lives by himself in the apartment, said he is usually getting ready for work at that hour, but instead, he stayed asleep just a little later this morning.

    "If the door wouldn't have been closed, some of the debris would have hit me on the head, because I was sleeping on the couch," Eady said.

    The crash destroyed the entire bathroom and did some damage to the kitchen.

    "Nobody would have survived that," he said.

    Eady will have to move out of the apartment as code inspectors take a look at the cracked foundation. But for now, Eady is grateful he got a lucky break.

    "I'm going to play the lotto, maybe I'll win," he said.

    Eady said the truck driver remained on scene. Police have not yet said whether the driver will face charges or what the cause of the crash was.