Robbery, Birth, Burglary Start New Year for Miami Woman

Woman gives birth three weeks early in between robbery, burglary

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    A Miami family is expected to welcome home its newest member Wednesday, putting an end to harrowing half-week. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    A Miami family is expected to welcome home its newest member Wednesday, putting an end to harrowing half-week that started with the  ATM robbery of a pregnant mother, followed with a premature birth and ended with a home burglary that wiped out much of the family’s valued possessions.

    “I’m trying to stay positive, 26-year old Ana Johana Irias told NBC Miami. “I just had a baby.”

    That has been a challenge for the mother of three who was robbed on New Year’s Eve when a teenager snatched her chain as she waited to use an ATM on the corner of NW 36th Street and 13th Avenue.

    Despite her condition, Irias’ instinct was to chase the robber after he rode off on a bike. She got in her car and followed him for about a block before he ditched his bike and ran behind a nearby home.

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    She gave chase but lost him when he jumped a fence. After calling police and reporting the crime, cops asked the visibly shaken Irias if she wanted rescue personnel to check her condition. When they did they suggested she be taken to Jackson-Memorial Hospital where doctors realized Irias was in labor.

    Doctors also discovered that Irias' baby had a cleft palate shortly before she gave birth at 12:15 a.m. Jan. 1. They told the mother that her daughter, Kimberly, would have to have several surgeries over the next year to correct the condition.

    When Irias’ husband went to their residence to get some clothes and personal items for his wife the next day, he discovered that burglars had broken in through a bathroom window and ransacked the home.

    The burglars took numerous Christmas presents for Irias’ other children, a 52-inch plasma television, computer and Irias’ purse which she says had rent money.

    "I had to cancel all my credit cards and they took all our gifts from Christmas,” she said.