School Fight Between Girls Caught on Cell Phone Camera and Posted on Facebook and YouTube

The girl being punched and kicked in the video is now talking about the incident.

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    Annabella de Leon talks about how the cell phone video of a fight she was in was posted online. (Published Monday, Jan. 28, 2013)

    A fight between girls outside Shenandoah Middle School was not only caught on cell phone camera, but it was posted to Facebook and YouTube.

    "I was covering my face, so I didn't know there was two people hitting me," 13-year-old Annabella de Leon said. She is the girl being punched and kicked in the video.

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    Now, de Leon said people are talking about what happened.

    "They said 'you did good and you defended yourself and that's the good part," she said.

    The girls began talking in the library at school. The fight happened after school, across the street at a park.

    This new wave of violence, that makes it way online for all to see, is something new for school board members.

    "The different dynamic is that it's filmed on a cell phone and posted on youtube and the schools and parks are finding out about it on youtube," schoolboard member Raquel Regalado said.

    One of the aggressors in the video has been expeled from the school. Now, de Leon attends another school nearby where she feels safer.

    "Be careful who you hang out with and don't be in fights," she said.