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Slain Officers, Amanda Haworth and Roger Castillo, Part of Documentary About Law Enforcement

A special screening of "Heroes Behind the Badge" is coming to South Florida.



    (Published Monday, March 4, 2013)

    In a notorious shootout, Miami-Dade Police officers Amanda Haworth and Roger Castillo were killed by a murder suspect in Liberty City.

    The gunfight only took 19 seconds in January 2011, 19 seconds that retired Miami Dade Police officer, Bill Erfurth is working to make sure no one forgets.

    “You know Roger Castillo and Amanda Haworth were great cops and great family people,” Erfurth said.

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    Erfurth is the executive producer of "Heroes Behind the Badge," a documentary film featuring some of the brave men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line and survived, and those like Haworth and Castillo who made the ultimate sacrifice.

    “Each one of these stories effects not only individual families and the survivors but also how it affects the agencies and community at large,” he said.

    He said that every 54 hours a law enforcement officer is killed in America.

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    “We made this movie not for Hollywood. We didn’t sugarcoat this. We made it real, raw and powerful,” he said.

    Erfurths also says this film is making a difference, allowing the community to realize that the men and women behind the badge are people as well. It’s a feeling that he hopes hitthe viewer when they hear from the family members of the victims.

    “I was angry at first in a way cause she always wanted to be the hero you know, and she was the hero but it cost her her life," said Haworth’s son, Austin.

    “They were there they knew they were dealing with a dangerous person so they had to do what they had to do and not to many people have the courage or personality to do that this job and I don’t think you can put a price tag on that," said Castillo's wife, Det. Debbie Castillo.

    Fifty percent of the proceeds from the film will go to the national Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, and 30 percent will go the Broward Police Memorial Fund and the remainder will go to production costs.

    "Heroes Behind the Badge" has been seen in over 50 cities across the country and now you can get a chance to see March 21 at the Sunrise Performing Arts Center.