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First Legally Blind Miss Florida USA Contestant Vying For Crown

Connor Boss is the pageant's first legally blind contestant



    (Published Tuesday, July 10, 2012)

    Connor Boss, the first legally blind contestant of Miss Florida USA pageant, wants the crown.

    “It’s my favorite quote by Audrey Hepburn: ‘Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.’ And I like to think that it says a lot about me just because any goal I set for myself I go for it. I don’t like to hold back. I don’t like to use my vision as a crutch. It’s just something I jump over.” she said.

    Boss, from Royal Palm Beach, is a gifted gymnast, cheerleader, homecoming queen and president of her senior class. She earned a 4.2 grade point average.

    “I’m one of the youngest, but I’m very excited and anxious to see what happens," she said.

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    "She’s a very amazing girl starting at a young age she gone through a couple of medical problems," said her father William Boss.

    When she was 8 years old, she was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease, a genetic disorder that causes progressive vision loss. She started wearing glasses but learned quickly that they didn’t help.

    “Because the retina can’t be corrected it’s not like the lens, so I had to read closer. I started finding that at one point I couldn’t really read font anymore unless its 36 point which is a lot of paper to waste," she said.

    Out of 11 different pageants, she’s won five titles, and last year Boss won second runner-up in Miss Florida USA’s teen category. Her poor depth perception caused her to stumble on the stairs leading up to the stage during the swimsuit segment.

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    Although Connor has faced many challenges and overcome them, she has a clear vision of where her future is going.

    “Well I’d like to continue my education at FSU. I’m studying public relations, and I hope to become a successful business woman. And if I can continue to inspire people, I’ll be a happy girl," she said.

    If she brings home the Miss Florida USA crown this weekend, Connor will represent the state in the Miss Miss USA national beauty pagaent.