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South Florida Moms Try To Change Cloth Diaper Reputation

The Great Cloth Diaper Change will be held on Saturday



    (Published Friday, April 20, 2012)

    Cloth diapers may have a stinky reputation, but three Coral Springs mothers are trying to change that.

    “It’s not yucky. It’s not stinky. It’s not hard. There are no more pins,” said Mia McDonald, who has her own diaper service and washed nearly 200 diapers for $25 a week.

    The women are watching the cloth diaper trend come back quickly in South Florida, saying it’s much more cost effective, healthier and greener. Each baby adds one ton of diaper trash to landfills during their first few years.

    “For that ton of trash, it will take 300 to 500 years for one of those diapers to decompose,” McDonald said.

    The women want to make a change.

    “I think the hardest part about using cloth diapers is convincing people it’s not hard,” said Ashley Brown.

    Brown is a mother of three and started using cloth diapers on her second child. She said it’s an extra load of laundry she’s happy to do twice a week, claiming it’s a better fit for her baby.

    “It was just a mess all the time. And now I rarely have any blowouts or messes because they fit him they way they are supposed to,” said Brown.

    Claudia Limerick agrees. She owns Stinking Cute and sells the cloth diapers. She says that not only are the diapers cute and trendy, there have health benefits too.

    “Your baby is not exposed to any chemicals a disposable diaper has,” Limerick said.

    They claim the cleanup isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. There's a biodegradable cloth to throw away and the rest is washed and reused.

    “Diaper service is not for the wealthy. It’s for anybody who wants to put a more natural diaper on their baby and do something good for the environment, as well as their finances,” McDonald said.

    The Great Cloth Diaper Change,which will be held on Saturday, will be attempting a world record for the number of babies switching to cloth diapers.

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