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South Florida Single Mom Surprised With Early Holiday Present: A Badly Needed SUV



    (Published Monday, Nov. 25, 2013)

    A South Florida single mom of 10 who has seven kids living at home got the ultimate holiday gift Monday: her own SUV.

    Rosa Cotto thought she was lining up to get a free turkey at Power 96's annual turkey giveaway, but instead she took home something her family could use all year round.

    Until now Cotto has not had a car. She has depended on public transportation to get to her job and back. Running errands like doing groceries for a big family has often been a nightmare.

    But just before Thanksgiving, Off Lease Only, an Opa-locka car dealership, surprised her with a Mazda SUV that she can use to take her children to their doctor's appointments and load up the truck with groceries when she goes shopping.

    Cotto was speechless when she saw one of her sons get out of the passenger's side of the vehicle, which had a bow on top.

    She said she likes and needs the car.

    Power 96's own Alex "Big Lip" Chisolm from the station’s “Morning Show” nominated her for the prize. Cotto joked that that "Big Lip" had "gotten her!"

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