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Students Return to McArthur High School After Hazmat Situation

After a mysterious rash broke out at a high school in Hollywood Wednesday, the students returned to class on Thursday.



    (Published Thursday, May 17, 2012)

    Students headed back to class Thursday morning after a mysterious rash outbreak forced McArthur High School into lockdown yesterday.

    Two teachers and 13 students wore blue covers and rode a special county bus to Hollywood Memorial Regional Hospital where they were inspected by crews in Hazmat suits before being treated and released Wednesday.

    Hospital officials checked the teachers and students in the parking lot to make sure they weren't carrying contaminants, before allowing them into the emergency room.

    Valarie Campbell, a ninth grader, watched things unfold inside her second-floor classroom, Room 944.

    Students Released From Hospital After School Hazmat

    [MI] Students Released From Hospital After School Hazmat
    The two teachers and 12 students were released from the hospital. They had been transported to Memorial Regional Hospital and Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital on a county bus with an isolation unit. Hear from family members of the students taken to the hospital.
    (Published Wednesday, May 16, 2012)

    Campbell blames a few mosquitoes for causing the uproar that drew police, firefighters, and Hazmat crews.

    Some students "just wanted to get out of class," she said. They started scratching, she added, but noted that her teacher had red marks from bug bites.

    School leaders have not officially identified the cause of the skin irritations and authorities say they may never know what caused the disturbance.

    “You have symptoms that obviously manifested themselves and for an undetermined cause,” Hollywood Fire Chief Joel Medina said. “We can’t explain why there would be an irritant, especially isolated.”

    School officials had the campus cleaned before students returned Thursday. Though they said the hallways are safe for students, some reluctantly returned to class.

    "I don't want to go to school," said student Dale Fasking, who was not in the affected classroom Wednesday. Fasking said he wouldn't want to bring any diseases home and put his baby sister in jeopardy. He headed to class anyway.

    An air conditioning technician said crews examined school vents and found no residue of anything alarming.