Suspect in Deerfield Beach Slaying Warns He Would Kill Again, Authorities Say

The suspect waited for deputies to arrive, sitting on a street curb with his weapon in his waistband, the Broward Sheriff's Office said

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    A Deerfield Beach man admitted killing a homeless man and warned that if he isn’t jailed the rest of his life, he again would kill, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said Saturday.

    John Stabile, 23, was taken into custody on Saturday on one count of first-degree murder in the death of the 42-year-old man, the Sheriff’s Office said. The agency withheld the victim’s name, pending notification of his relatives.

    Deputies responded to the 2000 block of North Ocean Drive in Deerfield Beach about 7 a.m. Saturday after a man called authorities to say he had killed a homeless man, the Sheriff’s Office said.

    Stabile was there waiting for them, sitting on a street curb with his weapon in his waistband, the agency said. 

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    Stabile told detectives he stabbed the man in the alley between Rattlesnake Jake’s restaurant and the Sea Girl clothing shop, the agency said. He then waited for him to die before calling to report the murder, the agency said. 

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    “He denies knowing or having had any problems with the victim, but told detectives he had seen him around the area and had been thinking about killing him for a couple of weeks,” according to a sheriff’s press release.

    Stabile said when he saw the man Saturday morning, he went to his nearby apartment and grabbed a large butcher knife, the agency said. Stabile then went back to find his victim, the agency said. 
    “Stabile told detectives he wants to go to jail for the rest of his life,” the agency’s press release said. “If not, he said he would kill again.”

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