Boys Wanted Sex With Prostitute Before Killing Man in Hallandale Beach, Police Say

The slaying victim had accepted the teens’ offer, and they together went searching for a prostitute, police said.

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    Two teens are facing second-degree murder charges in the death of a man at a Hallandale Beach auto parts store. Police Chief Dwayne Flournoy, the mother of one suspect and a witness discuss the incident. (Published Friday, Dec. 14, 2012)

    Two teenage cousins approached a man in the street and agreed to pay him $20 if he found them a prostitute, according to Hallandale Beach police.

    Gregory Hyppolite accepted the teens’ offer, and they together went searching for a prostitute, police said. A woman they solicited for sex turned away the kids because each only had $5, police said.

    Two Arrested in Slaying Outside Hallandale Beach Auto Parts Store

    [MI] Two Arrested in Slaying Outside Hallandale Beach Auto Parts Store
    One man was killed and two juveniles were in custody following an altercation at a Hallandale Beach auto parts store Wednesday morning, police said. NBC 6's Sharon Lawson reports. Jeanette Martinez, the mother of the 14-year-old boy taken into custody, is interviewed. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012)

    The man’s agreement with the boys turned deadly early Wednesday when Hyppolite, arguing over his payment, was stabbed and beaten, according to a recently released police report. The boys, ages 14 and 17, were arrested on a second-degree murder charge in Hyppolite’s slaying, police said.

    Hyppolite had rebuffed a laptop the boys offered him for his help, the report said.

    Body Found at Hallandale Beach Auto Parts Store

    [MI] Body Found at Hallandale Beach Auto Parts Store
    Police investigate after a body is found at an auto parts store in Hallandale Beach. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012)

    He “refused to take the laptop computer,” the report said. “A verbal argument, which escalated to a physical altercation, ensued in the rear of Advanced Auto Parts.”

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    Hyppolite is listed in a police report as having lived “at large,” meaning he may have been homeless.

    During Hyppolite' killing behind the store at 117 N. Federal Highway, two homeless men nearby were woken up by the commotion and used their cellphones to dial 911, the report said.

    The boys still were standing over Hyppolite when police arrived, police said. They ran away when they saw an officer, but police quickly apprehended them, police said. Hyppolite was pronounced dead at the crime scene.

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    Under police questioning, the 14-year-old boy said his cousin used a pen and broken glass bottle to stab the man, the report said. His cousin admitted he punched, kicked and stabbed Hyppolite with a pen, but denied using a broken bottle, the report said.

    The boys described their efforts to find a prostitute, and the help they received from Hyppolite in finding her, the report said. The three had walked several blocks north from the 800 block of North Federal Highway, searching for sex, police said.

    After the prostitute turned the boys away, the 14-year-old boy went home to get cash for Hyppolite, while Hyppolite and the other boy stayed waiting at the rear of the auto parts store, the report said.

    When the younger boy returned from home to the store, he had the laptop he offered Hyppolite instead of cash, the report said. Hyppolite only wanted money, not the computer, the report said.

    At a court hearing Thursday, a judge determined the boys will stay locked up until their next hearing on Jan. 10. NBC 6 isn’t naming the boys because of their ages. It hasn’t yet been determined whether the boys will be charged as adults.

    “We will make a filing decision regarding what charges should be filed and whether they should be filed in juvenile or adult court,” according to Assistant State Attorney Maria Schneider.

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