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27 minutes ago

Fired UPS Worker Shot 2 Bosses, Self in Birmingham

43 minutes ago

Syria Terrorists Tested Bombs for Planes: U.S. Source

5 hours ago

British PM on ISIS: "These People Want to Kill Us"

British Prime Minister David Cameron is certain ISIS is plotting attacks in Europe, he told NBC News on Tuesday, a day after Washington began bombing the Islamist militant group in Syria. "These people want to kill us," Cameron told Brian Williams. "They've got us in their sights, and we have to put together this coalition ... to make sure that we ultimately destroy this evil organization." The full interview is set to air on "Nightly News" Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. ET. Read »
3 hours ago

Obama Urges Climate Action: "Nobody Gets a Pass"

3 hours ago

Obama on Airstrikes: "This Is Not America's Fight Alone"

3 hours ago

Miss America Admits Sorority Ouster, Denies Hazing

4 hours ago

"Only the Beginning": Pentagon Vows More Strikes on ISIS

9 minutes ago

Six LA Deputies Sentenced to Prison For Corruption

4 hours ago

It has oil. It has money. It has territory. It has weapons. And there's no doubt in my mind it has already undertaken and is planning further plots in Europe and elsewhere.  

— British Prime Minister David Cameron addressing the global threat ISIS could pose, in an interview with NBC News' Brian Williams set to air Tuesday on "Nightly News"
33 minutes ago

Wedding Crashers Wanted for Robbery

2 hours ago

3 Afghan Soldiers Who Were Missing Visited Cape Cod Strip Club

53 minutes ago

Fox That Attacked Student, Staff at School Was Rabid: Police

11 minutes ago

Clouds of Smoke From Port of Los Angeles Fire Closes School

2 hours ago

Portland Cops Deliver Pizza After Crash

3 hours ago

Watch: Obama Speaks at Clinton Global Initiative

The 10th annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative continues on Tuesday. The event is hosted by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. President Obama is expected to speak. Read »