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5 hours ago

British Terror Crackdown: Police Can Seize Suspects' Passports

57 minutes ago

Family Demands Federal Probe of Handcuffed Suicide Claim

39 minutes ago

Obama Highlights U.S. Economy in Labor Day Speech

2 hours ago

25 Sailors Survive Helicopter Crash

4 hours ago

Tragedy and Solidarity: Behind the 40-Hour Work Week

28 minutes ago

Biden Defends Unions: "It's About Your Dignity"

Saturday, Aug 30, 2014 at 1:13 PM

Airstrikes alone won’t defeat this enemy. A much fuller response is demanded from the world.  

— Secretary of State John Kerry, calling on the world to help fight ISIS, saying "there is evidence that these extremists, if left unchecked, will not be satisfied at stopping with Syria and Iraq."
6 minutes ago

Driver of Submerged Car Was "Going for a Swim": Witness

Moments after a car landed in the water near the San Diego Yacht Club, the driver walked away from the vehicle saying he “was going for a swim,” according to a witness. While a witness called 911 for help, he and his girlfriend spotted the driver walking down the dock. That’s when they say the driver told them he “was going for a swim,” Rickon said. Read »

2 minutes ago

Apple "Actively Investigating" Celebrity Hack: Reports

3 hours ago

Senegal Examines People in Contact With First Ebola Patient

4 hours ago

Ferguson Cops Get Body Cameras After Michael Brown Shooting

Monday, Sep 1, 2014 at 9:15 AM

Obama Faces Crossroads in Fight Against ISIS

51 minutes ago

NYC Homeowner Fatally Stabbed After Interrupting Burglary

2 hours ago

Lightning Strike Kills Boy in Pennsylvania Swimming Hole

2 hours ago

Cousin Arrested, Charged in 5-Year-Old's Killing: Police