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3 minutes ago

Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Tops 2,500: Report

The death toll from Saturday's earthquake in Nepal has topped 2,500 and may continue to rise as more areas are searched, The Associated Press reported. Local authorities said Sunday that at least 2,430 people in the country had died alone, according to the AP. They added that 61 people died in India and a few in other neighboring countries, and the Nepal Mountaineering Association said 18 bodies were recovered from Mount Everest. A major aftershock also hit the Kathmandu area of Nepal on Sunday, terrifying locals as rescuers dug for survivors of the devastating earthquake. The aftershock struck as aid had started to arrive in the impoverished mountain nation, with Indian military planes shipping 200 rescuers and 43 tons of food and emergency supplies. "Our people on the ground have found the overall situation to have been worse than their worst fears," said Save the Children, one of the many aid groups sending emergency teams to Nepal. Read »
4 hours ago

Pope Francis Urges Assistance for Nepal Quake Victims

2 hours ago

Freddie Gray's Twin: 'Please, Please Stop the Violence'

Sunday, Apr 26, 2015 at 5:36 AM

Choppers Airlift Injured From Everest After Avalanche

5 hours ago

Little Girl Finds Dismembered Newborn in Calif. Yard

3 hours ago

NJ High School Football Star Shot, Killed Near Home

5 hours ago

NYC Airplane Cleaner Stole 1,429 Liquor Bottles: Cops

3 hours ago

How to Help Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Saturday, Apr 25, 2015 at 5:33 AM

It was a sound like thunder.... It was really shaking shaking shaking.  

— Shristi Mainali a 21-year-old nursing student in Kathmandu, Nepal, describing Saturday's 7.9-magnitude earthquake there.
6 hours ago
By Michael Rodio

PHOTOS: Deadly Earthquake Rocks Nepal

A powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, killing hundreds... See Full Gallery »

41 minutes ago

Wisc. Climber Survives Mount Everest Avalanche

2 hours ago

New York Daily News Truck Driver Killed in Brooklyn Crash

3 hours ago

New Jersey Woman Among Nepal Earthquake Victims

6 hours ago

Israeli Forces Kill 2 Alleged Palestinian Attackers: Police

4 hours ago

Maine Woman Survives Nepal Earthquake