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Driver Pens Thank-You Note to Trooper Who Ticketed Him

"I never expected to be blown away by an interaction with a trooper after being stopped"



    NJSP / Facebook

    A New Jersey State trooper received a surprising letter from a driver he'd pulled over to ticket last week.

    New Jersey State Police posted on its Facebook page Thursday a praise-filled note from Dave Coskey, general manager of Longport Media, a company that owns and operates radio stations in southern New Jersey.

    In the letter, Coskey expressed how impressed he was with Trooper 7515’s dedication to encouraging drivers to slow down and save lives.

    “He could have easily handed me the summons and walked away. But he didn’t,” Coskey wrote. “It was pretty obvious that this trooper was really interested in safe driving on the Parkway.”

    Coskey was driving his wife’s car on Sunday when he was pulled over. He admitted that “her German car has a bit more pep than [his] Jeep” and he wasn’t paying as much attention to his speed as he usually did. It was the first time he had been pulled over in 15 years, Coskey wrote.

    After the trooper handed Coskey his summons, he explained that there had been some recent fatal accidents on the Parkway and the NJSP was working to make the Parkway a safer place to drive. But the trooper’s concern didn’t stop there.

    Halston Media Photographer Tabitha Pearson Marshall (inset left)

    “He finished by asking me as I departed to please use the shoulder as an acceleration lane and that he would remain behind me to help make it safe to re-enter the highway – which he did,” Coskey wrote.

    After reflecting on the interaction, Coskey wrote a letter to the NJSP to express his appreciation of how well the trooper had presented himself.

    “I never expected to be blown away by an interaction with a trooper after being stopped,” Coskey wrote. “His demeanor and actions are a credit to the State Police.”

    The trooper is “adamant about remaining anonymous,” the New Jersey State Police Facebook page reads. "He told us that he wants no recognition for just doing his job. Well, he's doing a phenomenal job!"

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