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Ferry Disabled After Being Hit By Wave Arrives in Boston

The ferry was traveling from Provincetown, Mass., to Boston when it was slammed by a massive wave



    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014)

    A ferry traveling from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to Boston made its way into port after its engine was temporarily disabled when a large wave slammed into the vessel.

    Officials say 42 passengers and crew were on board when the ferry was temporarily stranded just north of Scituate around 4 p.m. Wednesday.

    Passenger cell phone video shows people walking around with life jackets on, water on the floor of the boat, and water pouring from the ceiling of the passenger cabin.

    One woman could even could be heard saying, "The boat is sinking."

    U.S. Coast Guard says a patrol boat and a cutter was deployed to help the Bay State Cruise Company's Provincetown IV before the ferry was able to get its starboard engine running as help was coming. The Provincetown IV came to Boston on its own power with the Coast Guard's cutter by its side in the event there were more problems, officials said.

    "The water hit and it was like this huge green sheet of water," said passenger Polly Burnell.

    "People started getting life vests on, and people were crying and throwing up," Ariel Shrum, a Berklee College of Music student, said.

    Shrum says when he finally calmed down, he played his trumpet on the deck to calm others' nerves.

    The Bay State Cruise Company says the captain of the ferry was taken away by ambulance after suffering a minor hand injury from a cut. The wave broke two of the seven windshields of the pilot house, where the captain navigates from. Officials say there were no other injuries.

    In a statement, the Bay State Cruise Company said, "When the wave broke the windows, the vessel's control systems went off line for a period of time. The captain was able to bring the starboard engine up to speed, but not the port engine."

    The Coast Guard says the incident is under investigation.