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Fraternity Uses Long iPhone Lines to Raise Money For Charity

Delta Tau Delta will trying to raise money to help fight juvenile diabetes



    (Published Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012)

    No one likes waiting in long lines, especially when the new iPhone is coming out.

    But one fraternity at Florida Atlantic University is jumping in to help fight juvenile diabetes.

    “So tonight were going to be standing in line for the iPhone 5 and we’re going to be selling our spots in line and raising money for JDRF which is Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, said Eric Marmer, a Delta Tau Delta member.

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    To secure a spot in line at the Town Center Mall you have to donate $50

    “I’ve waited in line for the iPhone before and I’ve seen people pair for spots in line and I thought wow what a great idea and what an awesome thing to raise money for juvenile diabetes," he said.

    So far, Delta tau Delta has been able to raise at least $800 and members of the fraternity are ready to spend hours even even camp out just to give back.

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    “We’re really excited about it it’s awesome to help kids that have type one diabetes and we really want to help out," Marmer said. "We raise money. We do community service. We build leaders this is what we’re about a lot of media talk about animal house and things like that and that’s not what fraternities are this is what we’re about.”