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Palm Beach County Parks: Kids, Fun and Guns Now Welcome

Guns will be allowed at all public play areas in Palm Beach County



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    The U of I clout scandal is playing out like a playground game.

    Palm Beach County residents might want to think twice about starting an argument with another parent over using the swings or maybe throw on a bullet-proof vest.

    County officials are poised to allow guns in public parks after voting to a lift a ban on loaded weapons earlier this week, reports.

    The new rules will allow people with concealed weapons permits to bring their guns to parks, ball fields, beaches, camping grounds and a host of other publicly-owned areas where children frolic.

    The move doesn't automatically turn a park into a war zone or gun range, but with the way state law has shifted in favor of pulling a weapon for a myriad of "justifiable" reasons, parents should be concerned.

    "I do take my kids [to county parks] I'm not too happy about it," said County Commissioner Shelley Vana, despite voting for the measure. "I'm very sad for our parks."

    Proponents of the change, including the NRA, claim the rule had to be changed to match with state law. Palm Beach has had the ban in place for more than three decades.

    The final vote is Jan. 11.