D-Wade: Lakers Coach Wants to Bring His Talents to South Beach

Dwyane Wade reacts to Phil Jackson's Heat bashing and retirement talk

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    The King says he'll run out of fingers to put championship rings on in Miami. (Published Saturday, July 10, 2010)

    Dwyane Wade has called Phil Jackson the Brett Favre of the NBA.

    Sure, the Zen Master says this will be his final season coaching, but MV3 thinks that's more mind play from the man with the championship hands.

    Heat Fans Party Outside the Triple-A

    [MI] Heat Fans Party Outside the Triple-A
    More than 10,000 fans made it inside for the Heat's big welcome party for LeBron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh, but hundreds more happily partied outside AmericanAirlines Arena. (Published Saturday, July 10, 2010)

    In an interview before the Miami Heat's game against the New York Knicks, Wade took a shot at Jackson, who has made it a habit of poking the Heat all season.

    The Los Angeles Lakers coach recently said the Heat aren't as good a team as the Boston Celtics, but Wade thinks that's all a smoke screen for Jackson's ultimate goal: bringing his talents to South Beach.

    Dwyane Wade: I never thought I'd play with LeBron in a Miami Heat uniform."

    [FREEL] Dwyane Wade: I never thought I'd play with LeBron in a Miami Heat uniform."
    NiteSide caught up with one of the Three Kings Thursday night at Pat Riley's Coral Gables home, where he hosted a Miami Heat charity gala. (Published Friday, Jan. 21, 2011)

    "I think he wants to coach the Heat when he gets done with the Lakers," Wade said to ESPN. "It's all an angle to get over here. He wants to coach us but he can't coach us."

    Score one for D-Wade.

    Everybody and their grandmama think that the Heat with its trio of stars needs a Hall of Fame coach to mix the ingredients just right. Most thought it would be Heat President Pat Riley coming down from the rafters like Willis Reed.

    Jackson has made a career out of taking star pieces and creating dynasties - the ones LeBron james promised when he arrived in Miami.

    Making the Heat the "Showtime of the East" as many fans envisioned would be quite the icing on the cake.

    But it looks like Wade is trying to put the kibosh on that fantasy, at least for now.

    Then again, Wade may have just given Jackson the edge he was looking for; getting a potential threat to start acknowledging his comments out West.

    You never can tell with a Zen Master.