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Marlins President David Samson Voted Off Survivor After Only One Episode

Marlins president David Samson was voted off Survivor after only one episode on Wednesday


    David Samson lasted only one episode on Survivor

    Marlins President David Samson once ran 52.4 miles in South Florida, but he couldn't outrun being voted off Survivor after only one episode.

    In this season's edition of the show, the theme is "Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty." Things looked like they were starting out well for Samson, who was quickly elected the leader of his tribe -- the "Brains" tribe.

    Samson was decked out in a fashionable blazer that made him stand out fast and it took about just as long for him to lose the support of his tribe. That outfit can be seen in a picture posted by the Miami Herald.

    Samson is not one of the most popular men in South Florida and the jokes were flying all over after his ouster from the show. A #BetterDavidSamsonTVShows hashtag on Twitter was started to mock him. Even one of the beat writers that covers the Marlins got in on the tweeting fun with a quick jab of his own:

    “One of the worst performances out of the gate ever,” host Jeff Probst said of Samson's tribe, according to a recap by the Herald.

    The Herald report goes on to say that Samson could still appear on the show despite being voted off. It's not out of the ordinary for contestants to return at later points in the season for some screen time.

    Samson and Survivor was seen as a potential good mix coming into the episode. In the past, not only has he completed the aforementioned long run in South Florida but Samson also finished the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii. On top of that athletic prowess, Samson is widely considered to be an intelligent person. Ultimately though, it didn't work out for Samson who took his exit well.

    "I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world," Samson said on the show after the vote.