Man Searches for Missing Ring That Was Given to Him Before He Went Off to Vietnam

"To me, that ring was everything," he said.

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    Northwest Florida Daily News/Devon Ravine
    Dominick Careccia with his wife Liza and the ring.

    An 81-year-old northwest Florida man is missing a ring that he says saw him through three tours of duty in Vietnam and a long journey back to the woman who gave it to him.

    The Northwest Florida Daily News reports Dominick Careccia believes the gold and ruby ring fell off his finger on Jan. 7 outside the Winn-Dixie in Bluewater Bay. He's hoping someone will return it to him.

    "To me, that ring was everything," he said.

    Careccia says the ring was a gift from a young Greek woman named Liza in January 1960. They had met at a beach party shortly before he was leaving his post in Athens to go to Vietnam. She wanted to give him something to keep him safe.

    She guessed his ring size and borrowed money to buy him a gift as she doubted that she would ever see him again.

    He eventually returned to Greece and convinced the woman to marry him.

    They were married in 1980  in Denmark. He lost the ring one month shy of their 34th anniversary.