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Buck Wild: Deputy Fired 17 Shots to Kill Dying Deer

Deputy didn't know where to shoot deer to kill it, so he unloaded his clip




    A deer hit by a car was bucking death, until a Florida sheriff's deputy came along with his side arm. 

    The deputy thought he was doing the humane thing by putting the animal down, but he didn't know where to shoot the animal, so he called a superior, who told him to aim for the heart, behind the deer's shoulder.

    Kat Marin/SeaWorld San Diego

    Instead, the deputy fired repeatedly into the stomach until the animal died.

    In total, it took 17 shots from the deputy's gun, but officials said he did nothing wrong. 

    The Alachua sheriff's department said the deputy was "horrified" by what happened Wednesday, and would be referred to a victim advocate.

    The sheriff's department says the deputy won't be reprimanded. At the least, he's guilty of bad aim.

    Officials now plan to train patrol staff to quickly kill a distressed animal that can't be saved.