New Parents Pay Homage To Twitter, Name Their Daughter Hashtag

Internet erupts with astonished reactions

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    Feeding into the social media craze, a couple has named their newborn child (not the baby shown here) Hashtag.

    One family wanted a different name for their newborn daughter—so they named her Hashtag.

    People reported the proud new mom posted a picture of her baby daughter on Facebook Saturday night with the caption: “Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last nite. She weys 8pounds and i luv her so much!!!!!!”

    The Twittersphere reacted with hashtags of their own—#Foolishparents, #YourParentsHateYou and #StupidestNameEver, Yahoo Shine! reported.

    While it’s not yet clear whether Hashtag is the girl’s legal name, a typo or a joke, it wouldn’t be the first social media-inspired moniker. In 2011, an Egyptian man named his daughter “Facebook” because of the role the site played at the start of the Arab Spring, Tech Crunch reported. In May 2011, an Israeli couple named their baby “Like,” according to the BBC.

    What’s next? A baby boy named Retweet?