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"SexCereal"? Folks in Coconut Grove Say They'd Give It a Try

People in Coconut Grove said they would try the cereal, available online, which boasts all-natural ingredients in blends for men and women



    (Published Wednesday, April 10, 2013)

    On its website, "SexCereal" claims it's "the world's most passionate cereal." At $10 a box, many in Coconut Grove felt it was a worth try Tuesday night.

    "I would buy it for all my friends, and my partner too," Mercedes Mendez told NBC 6.

    "[In a] cereal box," wondered George Stoubakis. "Like, you buy the cereal, and it's safe? Alright, I would use that."

    "SexCereal" is big in Canada, but it's not in stores all over South Florida yet, though it is available for purchase online at SexCereal.com.

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    Does it work? Dr. Gilbert Concepcion told NBC 6 he was not sold. Although the cereal boasts all-natural ingredients like bee pollen, wheat germ, and pumpkin seeds in blends specially- formulated for men and women, Concepcion suspects most who eat the cereal will be more persuaded by the placebo, when the mind convinces the body a product is doing just what it promises.

    "If you can sort of enhance that mental aspect of it to empower yourself through a cereal, then, sure, more power to you," Concepcion explained.

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    Though a crunchy cereal may be the latest trend in romantic meals, some still prefer an old-fashioned menu.

    One South Florida man said he would prefer "steak, wine, and dark chocolate."

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