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South Florida Man Reports Haunted Happenings at Home

James Ontivero says family has seen ghost of child in his home



    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013)

    For years James Ontivero has seen things in the South Florida house where he grew up, things that can't be explained.

    "It was just very creepy, it had that uneasy feeling when you walked into the house," Ontivero told NBC 6 South Florida Tuesday.

    When Ontivero was 13 years old, he says he had the scare of a lifetime.

    "I remember waking up and I see this small child in front of me drenched in water. He was blond with red shorts," Ontivero said. "The kid was reaching out to me and his hands were shaking and I couldn't speak. I remember waking up and I couldn't speak."

    That creepy experience got even creepier when Ontivero, who still lives in the home with his daughter, asked her why she didn't want to play in her room.

    "She said 'no, I don't like to go in there,' I'm like 'why not?'" Ontivero said. "She said 'cause there's a little boy who's all wet and I don't want to play with him cause he's all wet and he'll make me wet.'

    "That just shocked me cause we've never told her the story. Never talked about it out loud."

    The hall that leads to his daughter's bedroom has most of the activity, which Ontivero's parents have seen as well.

    The rumor around the neighborhood is that the backyard swimming pool served as the wet demise of a little boy. It's never been substantiated, but Ontivero has always wondered if someone died there.

    Enter Roy Condrey, founder of the morbidly-titled, a website that by simply entering an address can tell you if a passing happened at the property. He started the site after doing some research for one of his properties.

    "I found out in my one properties no one had died, but I found some deaths in my other property and I started thinking that should have been disclosed to me," Condrey said.

    It's a law in 47 states to disclose the information, but property buyers are relying on the honesty of the seller. The website weeds out the dishonest, and instantly tells whether someone died in a home.

    "The data keeps coming in all month and we keep improving our algorithm, we're going to re-run your address on the thirtieth anniversary and give you a follow up report," Condrey said.

    Condrey said after a little media coverage his site went from 60,000 hits to over 600,000 in one week.

    Ontivero is now one of them. He plugged in the address and clicked through a few pages and found two people related to the property died, but not in the house.

    "That was a huge relief, cause this is where I gotta go to sleep tonight," he said.

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