South Florida Woman Creates Board Game About Landing Mr. Right

Landing Mr. Right is available now on and will be in major retail stores by the holidays.

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    Alys Daly created the board game Looking for Mr. Right based on stories from her dating life. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013)

    There's a board, cards and dice, but this game is more like real life than most others, especially for dating women in South Florida.

    "The game is based on a number of dating experiences I had in Miami," creator Alys Daly said.

    The idea for the game came two years ago, after Alys went on her worst date ever. That's when she and her friend Victoria started talking about "Landing Mr. Right."

    This is how it works: "You roll the die, move along the board and when you land on a date space, you pick who you want to go out with on a date."

    With six guys to choose from, Alys goes with the CEO.

    His card says: "He takes you to meet his single dad in Boca Raton, you realize you already met him online, except he's 30 years older than his profile stated. Move to 'Meet the Family.'"

    Alya goes on to explain: "So just like in life, you choose who want to go out with, but whether or not it puts you closer or further away from the space 'Landing Mr. Right' is in the cards."

    Some of the cards even tell real-life stories of Alys and her friends — like having girl time, and a guy lying about his appearance on his online profile. It's like a modern, adult Mystery Date board game.

    "You end up having so much fun and talking about your experiences," Alys said. "When I talk to men about the game, the first thing they ask me is, how do you win? I've never had a girlfriend ask me that before. For them, it's all about the experience, and that's really what Landing Mr. Right is all about."

    Landing Mr. Right is available now on and will be in major retail stores by the holidays.