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Volusia Officials Consider Creating Tattoo Database For Inmates

The system is still in the planning stages

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    Volusia County is looking into creating a database of inmate tattoos that may be used to help authorities find unidentified suspects.

    Dave Byron, a spokesman for Volusia County government, said the idea was still in the infancy stage.

    "We are aways away," he told NBC 6. "There's been no decision to do it."

    He said jail command staff came up with the idea because of street gang violence.

    It's "just another tool in the law enforcement tool box," Byron said. "We've got to make sure if we do this, we have a solid foundation for when, how and all of that.'

    Byron said there was an issue of who would be responsible for the database because of there would be an increased work load.

    Officials would probably photograph men with their shirts off and women would have their shirts rolled up beneath the breast level, Byron said.

    Byron added that they are working with the Daytona Beach police.

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