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Doral Wades Through Flood Waters After Heavy Rains

Record rain fall leaves Doral streets under water



    (Published Wednesday, May 23, 2012)

    People who live and work in Doral say flooding caused by record rainfall Tuesday is some of the worst they've seen in the last decade.

    "This is the worst time we've ever had," said Richard Sixto, who stayed at work late Tuesday night making sure water didn't pour into his business on busy 79th Avenue.

    On Wednesday, nearly 24 hours after the rain started pouring in South Florida, the flooding was still especially bad in Doral, with several streets under water.

    "It's something wehave to deal with in this area unfortunately. Doral is a low area and it doesn't drain very well," said Cesar Cajiga, a business owner, who said not as many customers came in on Wednesday.

    A flood watch remained in effect for Miami-Dade throughout the day.

    "I have a lake behind my house and yesteday it went alarmingly high. I only have a couple more inches before it comes in through the back window," said resident Cesar Martinez. "I'm glad the city is taking care of it."

    Officials on Wednesday urged motorists to stay away from several streets, including: Northwest 79th Avenue between Northwest 25th Street and Northwest 58th Avenue; Northwest 84th Avenue at Northwest 36th Street; Northwest 87th Avenue at Northwest 36th Street; and Northwest 33rd street between Northwest 82nd Avenue and Northwest 97th Avenue.

    Some vehicles that were left behind on roads had to be towed by police for safety reasons, officials said. The vehicles can be found at Freeway Towing and Southland Towing.

    Sixto said he was working to keep traffic away from his business Wednesday, particularly the big rigs.

    "It's still an issue because the trucks come through, they splash all the water," Sixto said. "what they do is cause a lot of wake, a lot of splash, it comes up to the businesses, it hits us, it dirties up our business, the trees, trash, debris, all types of stuff."

    RAW VIDEO: Flooding in Doral

    [MI] RAW VIDEO: Flooding in Doral
    Chopper 6 footage over Doral shows heavy flooding in the area.
    (Published Wednesday, May 23, 2012)

    Those who live in the area found themselves slogging through knee-deep water just to get from point A to point B.

    "I have to walk anyway, I don't have a car and the bus comes in 20 minutes maybe," resident Ricardo Ferrer said.

    Despite the high waters, it was mostly business as usual in the industrial section of Doral, at the driver's own risk.

    "It's very scary, on 53rd street, the cars are covered halfway through the doors," motorist Katherine Betancourt said. "So you know they're flooded, completely full of water."

    Officials also said the city would be giving away sand bags to Doral residents at J.C. Bermudez park at 3000 Northwest 87th Avenue.


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